Beauty Program

Nature is the most skilful doctor and the best beautician. It gives us inexhaustive riches of minerals and the flora, which have marvelous power to restore, renovate and nourish our skin.  Ayurveda uses only "alive“ cosmetics, consisting exclusively from natural components. Due  to its unique  qualitites your beauty will remain natural and long lived.

There is complex of Ayurvedic procedures improving a complexion, structure and elasticity of skin. Blood circulation in skin becomes more intensive, skin is cleansed and it becomes more firm, facial muscles tension improves, aging process slows during Ayurvedic treatment.

The clinic offers:

  • Individual consultation.
  • Programs of treatment and care of a normal, problem, dry, sensitive and fading skin.
  • Various kinds of massages, treatment and care for hair.

Vajikarna Therapy - sexual disorder therapy.