Yoga Therapy

Yoga is fundamentally different from conventional medical practice in its approach to healthcare.Instead of trying to reduce the cause of disease to a single factor and to correct it using a specific cure,yoga aims to treat illness by improving health on all levels simultaneously and by restoring inner harmony.

Yoga therapy based on ancient indian traditional beliefs about human existence.In this philosphy there are five ''Sheaths'' to existence. Physical body, Vital body(Prana), Mind(lowermental), Intellect(highermental),& Bliss(universal consiousness).Diseases occurs in our body when these 5 shealths get disturbed.

Yoga therapy describe complete happiness as a state of silence where you are no longer troubled by unnecessary thoughts & fears, a state of perfect poise & freedom of choice.Every element of yoga brings benefits throughout,and also acts to amplify the effect of the other types of pratices.

This is the essence of yoga therapy -both as preventive and as a curative.Daily practice of a complete yoga session can restore your natural balance and harmony,bringing positive good health to all parts of your life - physical, mental,& spiritual.