Prime treatments in Ayurveda


Is one of the traditional Auyrvedic massage.Its done with four hands for above 1hr;from head to toe in which strokes are given in circulatory channels.This treatment will improve your blood circulation skin texture,elasticity &  helps all internal organs to work naturally.Its one of the best massage which gives deep relaxation for the mind & body.


Includes massage of feet. Feets is one of the important part of our body as many nerves & blood vessels end up there.So by doing padabhyanga strengthen the nerves & restores health of many parts of the body.The Marma (vital)Points are massaged which gives balance to your dosha and is very helpfull for people with insomnia,fatigue&cramps.This treatment can be combined with shiroabhyanga.The base oil & essential oil used in the above massage are carefully blended based on the body type of each person.These treatments are tailored according to your body constiution (dosha) after analysis.  


This massage otherwise called as 'Herbal Powder Massage'.This is specially done with Ayurvedic herbal powder with four hands for above 1hr from head to toe.Its very effective in obesity,it reduces cellulitis.Has been found very effective in hemiplegia,paralysis,skin diseases & impaired circulation.


Massage with raw silk gloves creating friction on the surface of the skin and increasing circulation in the body. It promotes weight loss and clears away clogging impurities that might cause problems such as cellulite. Garshan is followed by oil massage.


Vishesh is full body massage with extra pressure performed by two therapists in synchrony. It serves to relax the muscles profoundly and powerfully stimulates the circulation in the tissues.


A highly rejuvenating treatment.A special rice and milk decoction is prepared and utilized as a poultrice to massage and invigorate the body.This massage helps upon chronic back pain loss of function of a part or whole limb,joint stiffness,swellings,muscular pain and anti-aging.


It is an ancient healing and type of thermotherapy. It uses deep penetrating heat from smooth basalt stones and alternating cold from another type of stones. Physiological benefits of alternating temperatures to the body have long been scientifically and medically proven. Stone-therapy has great effect for treatment of chronic venous insufficiency,bone pain,it increases immune system & decrease the stress from organism. 


Therapeutic herbal steam bath. The body is heated to remove mental, emotional & physical toxins lodged deeply within the tissues. The head is kept cool to provide a sense of calm & openness while the steam over the entire body penetrates & cleanses deeply, without the body becoming overheated or stressed. This purifying treatment removes stiffness, heaviness & coldness

Pizzichil - The Royal Oil Massage

Treatment of Kings and Queens. Two and a half hours luxurious treatment in which the therapists pours warm oil continuously over the entire body while performing a gentle massage. The pizichilli was formerly reserved only for the royal families of India. It is profoundly relaxing and deeply purifying.Its mainly effective in Arthrosis,Arthritis,Chronic tiredness&rehabilation for after Viral & Bacterial infections.